Car Fleet

JETCAR Express service: a varied car fleet across Flanders

JETCAR Express service as a forwarding agent disposes of an extensive variety on vehicles. Our range reaches from private cars to trailers. Are you looking for a vehicle with a tail lift? No problem, the vehicles type E, F and G always dispose of a tail lift and a pallet jack and on demand type H is available with tail lift as well. As a result and because of different departure points in Belgium, we are able to calculate sharp rates for each transport and offer a solution to each transport problem.


  A b2 b3 c c5 e f g h v
  Type A Type B2 Type B3 Type C Type C5 Type E Type F Type G Type H Worldwide On Board Courier
Measurements L:140cm
L: 220cm
B: 115 cm
H: 120 cm
L: 240cm
B: 120 cm
H: 170 cm
L: 320cm
B: 125 cm
H: 175 cm
L: 400cm
B: 125 cm
H: 175 cm
L: 620cm
B: 240 cm
H: 220 cm
L: 710cm
B: 240 cm
H: 220 cm
L: 820cm
B: 240 cm
H: 240 cm
L: 1360cm
B: 240 cm
H: 250 cm
L: 40cm
H: 20 cm
B: 30
cargo space
1,5 m 3 m 5 m 7 m 9 m 32 m 37 m 47 m 81 m  
cargo weight
450 Kg 500 Kg 1000 Kg 1350 Kg 1300 Kg 4000 Kg 7000 Kg 10.000 Kg 24.000 Kg 20 Kg
of pallets
1 2 3 4 5 15 17 20 33 1